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SEOULHOMES is a website operated by SEOULHOMES. Co which will collect personal information to utilize the information for the following purposes:

  • It is a standard procedure to become a registered member in order to provide contact information for both parties involved in a property lease agreement. For those who are not registered members will be restricted to view certain information.
  • SEOULHOMES does not assume any responsibility of the information published on the SEOULHOMES website. The party which posted the information can be held responsible.
  • A user may become a registered member by providing a name and an email address.
  • To avoid technical difficulties by using names, the user’s email address will be assigned as a unique user ID. You may use names but there may be a possibility of a duplicate(s).
  • When a user follows the procedure to become a registered member, registration will be completed by clicking the verification link sent to the user’s email address.
  • Upon registration, the user agrees and accepts to receive newsletters, notifications, and the information of the property listing party through Requesting Mail.

Also, the registered member agrees and accepts to receive updates, promotions, and special offers continuously, the company provides ongoing information that is provided in the updated information, specialized information, events, and agrees to receive promotional offers.

Advertisements and other services may be offered through the observation of the registered member’s activities.


Through the SEOULHOMES registration field, the type of information collected are listed as follows:

  • Name(Nickname or a brief name), Email address
  • In addition, the following information will be generated and/or collected for service or business purposes:
    • Service Records, Access Logs, Cookies, IP Information, User Time-out Log


As a standard procedure, personal information and user history will be removed from the database after achieving the purpose of use of the information. However, the following information will be retained for a brief period for the following reasons:


  • Preserved Items: Name(Nickname or a brief name), Email Address
  • Grounds for Preservation: Account reactivation prevention of membership violators, defamatory and/or infringement disputes and cooperation with investigations
  • Preservation Length: One (1) year after deactivating account
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