Property Category Information

At Seoul Homes, we have different categories for different properties.

Here is the list of categories we have:

Resident Section

  • Resident Rent: Short-term and long-term residential rent.
  • Resident Sale: Long-term investment or long-term residential stay.
  • Resident Pre-Sale: Purchasing a residential property before completion date. Great for long term investment.

Commercial Section

  • Commercial Sale: Long-term investment for commercial income.
  • Commercial Pre-Sale: Long-term investment for future commercial income.

Office Section

  • Office Rent: Short-term or long-term rent for offices.
  • Office Sale: For long-term office use.

Building Section

  • Building Sale: Long-term real-estate investment.

Land Section

  • Land Sale: Long-term investment for future buildings, apartments, and so forth.

For each category type, the information sections may be different. We have added all essential factors to help you search and find the best properties possible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or our agents.

Thank you,

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